10 best Essential Oils for Fall

10 Best Essential Oils for Fall

Certain Essential Oils help usher in the Fall season and get you in a cozy mood with bold, pleasant scents. Whether in a diffuser or perfume, each Essential Oil boasts tons of benefits, so try a few or try them all!

10 Best Fall Essential Oils Chart

Balsam Fir Needle
Boosts respiratory function
Detoxifies the body
Fights cold and flu
Improves bone health
Prevents infections
Provides sinusitis relief
Reduces body odor
Reduces fatigue
Relieves arthritis pain
Treats bronchitis
Treats coughs

Aids digestion
Alleviates pain
Boosts oral health
Fights infections
Fights respiratory conditions
Helps lower blood pressure
Helps lower cholesterol
Promotes healthy skin
Reduces anxiety
Reduces depression symptoms
Relieves stress

Blue Spruce
Boosts immune system
Ease coughs
Helps asthma symptoms
Helps dissolve congestion
Improves sleep
Promotes healthy skin

Decreases bad cholesterol
Decreases inflammation
Fights infections
Promotes immune health
Fights parasites
Reduces blood sugar

Alleviates sore throats
Fights Candida (yeast)
Improves oral health
Treats coughs
Treats gum disease

Aids wound care
Alleviates earaches
Alleviates headaches
Boosts mental clarity
Fights infections
Helps respiratory conditions
Improves seasonal allergies
Relieves cough

Alleviates muscle and menstrual pain
Heals infections
Improves liver function
Reduces inflammation
Reduces respiratory problems
Relieves anxiety
Strengthens heart health
Supports digestion
Treats upset stomach

Alleviates cough
Cancels bad breath
Helps with heart disorders
Lowers blood pressure
Reduces pain and menstrual cramps
Relieves stress

Aids in weight loss
Decreases bacteria
Pain relief
Reduces anxiety
Reduces depression symptoms

Acts as an analgesic
Eliminates odor
Fights arthritis
Induces relaxation
Promotes urination
Relieves spasms
Stimulates circulation
Works as an astringent

All pair well with hints of Lemon, Rosemary, and Vanilla Essential Oils.

Top 10 Fall Essential Oils Chart


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