Samson! Don’t let Delilah blind you!

I taught this in bible study a few months back, but it is a constant battle in my life, so I felt the need to share with others who may have similar situations.

At points in our lives, it seems like something or someone always has a hold on us and at times can throw us off our game. It can be family members, friends, mates, people we don’t even know, low self-esteem, insecurities, disorders (such as eating), time management, anger and the list goes on.

This is what happened to Samson in Judges 16 after he met Delilah. She was able to find out that he was a Nazirite and no razor was to touch his head or he would loose his strength. Delilah gave this information to the Philistines and they were able to capture him and gouge out his eyes.

It wasn’t necessarily the loss of Samson’s hair that led to his death, but it was what happened when he lost his hair…he lost his sight.  In our lives, we sometimes let our “Delilah(s)” deter us from accomplishing our dreams and visions. We can’t SEE, so we don’t realize what is happening! We constantly have to pray for discernment and strength to overcome these obstacles.

Everybody doesn’t understand God’s will for you and does not need to be in your life!…Drop them like flies!

The enemy places road blocks in your path to throw you off…Know how to get past them!

Read about Samson in Judges 13-16

Originally posted: 9/10/2011

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