Getting a handle on time management

Many of us have a problem with time management. We can never seem to get a handle on our day-to-day schedules or something always pops up and throws off our day. But let’s be honest, the reason this is an issue is because we try to wing it, rely on our own mental checklists to get things done, or procrastinate. Bad idea.

The lack of time management and procrastination are best friends. Procrastinators often lack focus, and are considered lazy and impulsive. To nip this in the bud, the best way to handle tasks is to write them down. Here’s a possible solution.

Create a To Do list. This list lets us see what has to be done and puts our timeline in perspective. With the To Do list, there is no relying on memory which cuts down on last minute errands. Also, issues with procrastination will decrease because a To Do list lets you visual the works that needs to be done and prioritize tasks by importance.

Try it today!

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