Time with God

We all have “busy” lives and distractions everywhere we turn. Something always comes along and demands our time and the next thing we know, the day is over! We did everything that was mildly important but neglected the one thing that is most important–spending our much needed time with God!

Spending time with God every day should not be an option. This time helps us to renew our minds and hear God’s voice. We can also get clarity and instruction, and most importantly, His peace.

If you are struggling to carve out some time to spend with God, here are a couple of tips to help you along the way.

1) Make it a date! Set a time to sneak away and enter into His presence. Mark your calendars and add it to your daily task list.

2) Predetermine the perfect location. A calm, quiet, clean location will work a lot better than a cluttered, messy area. A tidy area will help you focus on God.

3) Talk to Him and allow Him to talk back. This is a conversation so remember to shut up, sometimes!

~Praying this helps!

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