Can I be honest?

Sometimes it’s a struggle to put money into my savings account and keep it there. Like seriously, I can buy four new outfits or save money…which is more important? *insert blank stare*

Sometimes I think back and say, “If I had valued financial saving while I was in my 20s, the FDIC would be calling me right now for violating insurance limits!” Now that I am in my 30s, I’m finding more value in having a stable savings account. My priorities influence my self-control, which, thankfully, conflict with frivolous spending. Not to mention, I have to finance my hobbies and entrepreneurial ventures.

By saving more, I think the most important thing I am gaining is a peace of mind that I would otherwise have. It’s not fun being broke and it’s not cool financing your life on credit cards. Some people are born with financial “smarts,” and others gain financial stability through trial and error. Either way, it feels good! ☺

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