My new obsession

Over the last few months, I’ve really been trying to lock down and maintain a good weekly schedule. It was a little challenging trying to figure out what I was capable of accomplishing in a 24-hour period, especially with all the miscellaneous things that pop up throughout the day. I think I finally found a schedule that works.

I’ve realized that to get everything accomplished I have to write everything down in my planner…and I mean everything. This is my new obsession. I know some people are thinking, “She probably has a bad memory!” But if we are honest with ourselves, we all do–or should I say we all have memory lapses. The average person can’t remember everything so I write it down in my planner just in case the info/date is needed. This has reduced the feeling of being overwhelmed and helps me visualize my day instead of being bombarded by a million thoughts.

I even pencil in my daily time with God. I mentioned in a previous post that this time is valuable but it’s the one thing we neglect the most. Adding it to my daily schedule helps me to not get so caught up in my daily tasks and to spend that necessary time with Him.

A normal weekday for me goes like this:

  1. Workout at 3pm
  2. God’s time
  3. A Random’s Life
  4. Study bible
  5. Read a chapter in monthly book
  6. Make doctor’s appointment
  7. Call Mrs. Doe
  8. Email XYZ about volunteer opportunity
  9. Grocery store
  10. Cook dinner

YES, it seems monotonous but I get stuff done. And you’ll notice that some tasks only take five to 10 minutes to accomplish. Also, to be able to do everything I had to cut down on the time I spent watching TV.

If time management and completing your tasks are a struggle, give this a try and let me know how it changes your week!

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  1. I do keep my self organized with a planner but it would help me if I write down EVERYTHING. I usually Just write down my work schedule and appts etc but I need to start doing it day by day I believe that will help me.

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