3 fun Valentine’s Day ideas for singles

Credit: Ericka Sharpley

Some believe Valentine’s Day is just for people in relationships. When you see how many people go to Roses Only for Flower Delivery, it may seem this way, but it’s not true! There’s so much to do and enjoy if you open your mind to the possibilities. Here are a few fun Valentine’s Day ideas that everyone will enjoy.

Try a new dessert recipe
Everyone loves desserts! Try a new recipe out and take it to the office for everyone to try. Not only will doing something for others put you in a good mood, it’ll also warm the hearts of others who may not have Valentines. My favorite Valentine’s Day recipe is champagne cupcakes with champagne frosting. They’re delicious!

Give thank you cards
There is nothing more thoughtful than just telling your friends thank you for being in my life. Again, doing something for others is the ultimate reward and your friends will know how much you appreciate them.

Have a girl’s night out…or in
Valentine’s Day is not a reason to be alone and it’s a perfect opportunity for a girl’s night! One year, my friends and I went out to dinner for Valentine’s Day and had a blast! We had so much fun and the great conversation was therapeutic!

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the day ?

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