3 takeaways from the Success Her Way Summit

This past weekend I attended the Success Her Way Summit and had an amazing time being in such a positive environment. The summit focused on attracting success by being your authentic self, as well as empowerment, connections, education and outreach. Thanks to LaShawn Reed-Kendricks for having the vision and allowing her dream to come to life. Here are my top three takeaways.

1) Inner motivation. Entrepreneur Mary Johnson is the owner of Vitamin Kandie, a cold pressed juicing company, and a fitness instructor. She talked about how losing weight is not about dieting–it’s about living a healthy lifestyle. Mary lost about 140 lbs. and encouraged summit attendees to dig deep to find their inner motivation. This motivation is what pushes us to achieve what we see in our dreams.

2) Be flawless. Being flawless doesn’t make you free from flaws, it makes you free from fear,” is a quote that the quirky Alysse Dalessandro recited during her session. As the owner and designer of Ready To Stare, Alysse is a body positive advocate who has embraced her curves and uses her confidence to encourage others.

3) It’s time to take the mask off. For some of us, childhood hurts have kept us trapped in our painful pasts. The author of Behind Church Doors: Overcoming Church Hurt, Alaina Holloway-Carpenter, shared her experiences as the wife of a pastor. Her journey to freedom forced her to remove the many masks she’d been hiding behind for years. A painful but necessary process.

If you attended the Success Her Way Summit, please share your takeaways below!


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  1. I agree with Mary Johnson that losing weight is not about dieting. I went on my first diet at age 15 and my last at age 39. Through prayer and persistence I have been living a healthier and more free lifestyle for 10 years. All praise to the father, Yahuah.

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