4 reasons why you should ditch your +1

Okay, let’s paint the picture…You are an entrepreneur and there’s a networking mixer with a lot of high-profile individuals you’d like to rub elbows with. You are a little nervous so you call your best friend and ask her to accompany you…a +1. She gladly accepts the invitation and is excited about a girl’s night…Wait, when did this become a girl’s night?

Look, I get it. In public settings, we tend to be more comfortable taking a friend along. Having her there alleviates all awkwardness and provides constant conversation. However, while she’s talking about her new diet, you’re missing great opportunities to meet the right people. It’s time to step out on your own.

As an entrepreneur, taking risks is part of the job. It’s great to bring your bestie along sometimes but if she’s causing you to miss key opportunities, then it’s time to reconsider bringing a +1. Stepping out on your own will help you accomplish your goal of connecting with the right people.

Below are a few benefits of rollin’ solo.

  1. More open to conversations with people you don’t know.
  2. Easily engage the high-profile individuals you came to see without interruptions.
  3. When it’s time to go, you can simply leave without your +1’s input.
  4. Rollin’ solo will increase your confidence and this new-found confidence will spill over to other areas of your business and life.

Ditch your +1 today!


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