My top 6 vegan spots in Cleveland

Cleveland’s health-conscious market is growing. Many restaurants now offer more options than just crudités and hummus. Over the past two and a half years, I’ve eaten many vegan dishes throughout the city and always find myself visiting these six hot spots. Here are my favorite vegan restaurants in Cleveland.

Cleveland Vegan – Lakewood
It’s so good! There are so many options to choose from and they’ve recently extended their hours which is perfect if you’re visiting after work. It’s so hard to choose just one so Cleveland Vegan offers the “CV experience” which allows customers to try three items for $21. It’s a win-win.

My favorite is the Classic Gyro.

Ice Cream Joy – Lakewood
One of the best sweet tooth fixes I’ve ever had. Ice Cream Joy always has several vegan flavors to choose from with all the toppings. They are open till 9 PM and often times have other vegan goodies such as cookie dough and brownies. What’s more, Ice Cream Joy sometimes has pop-up shops for up-and-coming vegan bakers. 

I always get the caramel sundae with nuts and coconut whipped cream. 

Market Eatery – Bedford Heights

Market Eatery is bae. This place that got me hooked on avocado toast and so many other things! Everything tastes amazing and there’s a wide variety of food options. I can literally eat here every day.

You can’t go wrong with the plain waffle tower, raw syrup and veggie sausage.

Poison Berry Bakery – Larchmere
By far, this bakery has some of the best vegan desserts I’ve ever had. The variety is great,

and I appreciate how they’ve perfected their recipes. Along with traditional desserts, Poison Berry offers doughnuts on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They also occasionally have vegan soul food pop-up shops.

I love their cookie cups. 

Pura Vida – Downtown Cleveland
A vegan big mac? Yes, please! Pura Vida has a strong vegan menu, not to mention a welcoming atmosphere. This restaurant is great for date night.

The African Peanut Stew is amazing. 

Town Hall – Ohio City
Who can resist a Non-GMO restaurant?! Town Hall offers several vegan meal options. On top of the regular menu of cooked and raw items, Monday night is vegan night and is always packed.

The vegan nachos always satisfy my Mexican-food cravings.

Honorable Mention: Melt Bar and Grilled – multiple locations
So Melt recently launched their new vegan menu and I am here for it! Melt has lots of options including meat substitutes and meatless options. I’m planning on checking out the new menu this weekend.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Cleveland? Comment and let me know!

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