It’s here! A Random’s Life presents the Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference

It is with much excitement and pleasure that A Random’s Life brings the Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference to Northeast Ohio! Being held on Sunday, August 27 from 2-6:30 PM at the Solon Community Center, the Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference allows all stages of naturals to come together to discuss the natural/holistic lifestyle journey. It’s an opportunity for the most advanced and the beginners to share trade secrets and help each other along the way. Living a natural/holistic life isn’t always easy and many of us have more fails than wins, but together we can overcome any obstacles to enjoy the best life. Early bird registration is open now!

Carlyce John talks essential oils
Carlyce John

Here’s what you will experience:

  • Carlyce John with Young Living will discuss removing chemicals from your home and how she used essentials oils to tackle anxiety.
  • Siobhan Sudberry of BeFree Project walks us through her six-month vegan journey and shares practical tips on living a healthier lifestyle.

    Siobhan Sudberry talks vegan journey
    Siobhan Sudberry
  • Sessions with companies looking to advance your natural health journey.
  • Growth and networking with like-minded individuals.
  • Amazing vendors who have embraced the natural health lifestyle.
  • Giveaways and more!

With music provided by DJ Yulissa.


Attendees will also be able to choose from two of the three sessions:

Yvonne Daugherty of NUFocus
Yvonne Daugherty
Timeka Rashid of NUFocus
Timeka Rashid

Mindful or mindless- the choice is yours presented by NUFOCUS’ Timeka Rashid & Yvonne Daugherty
Long day. Fatigue. Sadness. Anger. All of these can lead to one thing: mindless eating. Eating to fill a void, to gain something lost. Unfortunately when we participate in mindless eating our brains are often wired to eat the wrong foods. Sugar, salt. The health coaches of NUFOCUS Health Coaching, LLC will share a sample of their MIND module on “Mindful” eating. This session will teach attendees to turn the ‘Less” into a clean and positive “full.” You will learn: how to avoid mindless eating, what is mindful eating, and tips on how to embrace the concept of mindful eating. You will leave this session energized and one step closer to building a healthier YOU.

Alicia Sims of Global Advantage 21
Alicia Sims

How business “fit” are you? Presented by Alicia Sims of Global Advantage 21
Do you know what you need to get your business to the next level? Alicia Sims, Entrepreneur of 17 years, Owner and Business Coach of Global Advantage 21 will provide insight and practical tools that you can use for where you are right now, and help you create a regimen that will positively impact your business’ health over the long haul. This interactive “Workout” session will have you reaching your goals sooner than later, and ready to face any obstacle that comes your way!

Naturally Undefined catered by Chef Monica Collins
Chef Monica Collins

Easy meatless cooking options presented by Chef Monica Collins
Dive into the world of vegetarian/vegan cooking with simple and healthy meal options that will leave your taste buds craving more. Chef Monica will show you how easy meatless cooking really is.

Featured vendors:

  • Peace Be Still Collection
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • BeFree Project
  • All Things Sweet and Savory
  • Positive Life Haven
  • Dear Homeschool Mom
  • Juice Plus+
  • NUFocus
  • Global Advantage 21

Opportunities still available

*  Vendor opportunities are still available. Please inquire at the email below.

Nic Abraham is a natural health enthusiast
Nic Abraham

About the host: Nic Abraham is a natural health enthusiast, blogger with A Random’s Life, owner of ARL Marketing, and a college professor. After experiencing her own health issues, she explored a more holistic lifestyle and hasn’t looked back. Nic’s journey has been full of ups and downs, but through small wins and great people, she knows it’s worth it.

Take advantage of early bird registration now until August 9. Register today and bring a friend!

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