A Random’s Life is a holistic lifestyle and wellness blog created to help women live a healthier life through education, motivation, and inspiration. It’s not hard to change unhealthy habits if you’re willing to simply learn. A Random’s Life provides the content for women to do just that.

Where’d the name ‘A Random’s Life’ come from? Well, the thought behind the name is …
A Random’s Life provides RANDOM content that’s RELEVANT to EVERYDAY LIFE just for you!

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Nic Abraham

Nic Abraham is a holistic lifestyle + wellness enthusiast who runs the lifestyle blog, A Random’s Life. As a content creator, her goal is to encourage women to make the necessary changes that lead to a healthier home and life. You can usually find Nic at a local flea market looking for handmade crafts.

“Our greatest fear should be leaving this earth without reaching our full potential.”

Additionally, Nic is the founder of ARL Marketing, a boutique communications and marketing agency. She is also an Air Force veteran with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and an MBA in marketing. She has found success as a newsroom and magazine editor, digital marketing manager, blogger and more. Nic also teaches collegiate courses and sits on the board of a local community development center.

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