Are milk alternatives safe?

How Do Milk Alternatives Add Up?

I grew up drinking cow’s milk. I consumed it almost every day and enjoyed it. A taste for whole milk eventually turned to 2% milk and then skim milk as an adult. I have always enjoyed drinking milk.

When I decided to transition to more of a plant-based lifestyle, cow’s milk was no longer an option. Nut milk is my go-to alternative of choice but all milk is not created equal and the proof is in the nutrition label.

Some options are packed full of fillers or additives. As you know, I like to make my own almond milk but that may not be possible for everyone. Some ingredients to keep an eye out for include genetically modified oils, natural flavors (because what the heck are they?) and carrageenan (I could go on a rant about carrageenan but I’ll save it for another day).

Let’s think of it in terms of coffee. How do milk alternatives stack up in your coffee? This graphic helps explain the options and guides you to your perfect milk.

A Break Down Of Milk Alternatives.
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