Why are there so many calories in a Chipotle bowl?

Why are there so many calories in a Chipotle bowl?

Ugh! In my mind, I want to believe that Chipotle is healthy but their nutrition calculator will hurt your feelings. One bowl is 800+ calories and that’s with no cheese or sour cream. This realization just reinforces my need to calorie count.

Now don’t get me wrong, this may not be necessary for everyone, but as a person who loves carbs, it keeps me accountable. Hello, I’m a carb-aholic!

My nutritionist brought this to my attention when I ran down what I ate in a day. A little fruit juice here, a few chips there and darn it, I’m over my limit. Carbs, carbs, and more carbs! Something had to give!

So yeah, I’m counting calories and it works for me. This leads me to Chipotle. Last night, my veggie bowl with brown rice, pinto beans, ½ a serving of sofritas, tomato salsa, corn salsa, guacamole and vinaigrette dressing was a whopping 1,045 calories! No, ma’am!

There was no way I could eat that many calories at the end of the day. Plus, my food app, Chronometer, showed me that I only had 600 calories to spare–about half of the bowl…so that’s what I ate. I was surprisingly satisfied. Thank goodness!

In my quest to drop some pounds, I found that counting calories and meal prepping are a must. What helps you with your weight loss journey?

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  1. Getting on the scale often and noticing how my body feels after I eat certain foods. Also, having a trainer is helping as well.

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