We can all succeed if we stop hating on each other

Women hate women. That’s what many of us have seen, heard, or even witnessed firsthand. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve learned that there’s enough room for all women to prosper and succeed. If we focus on our God-given purpose and talents, we can’t be stopped.

So why does this hate exist? This quote sums it up, “I can only assume that women hate on other women because they’ve run out of things to hate about themselves.” If we love ourselves, there’s honestly no time to even worry about what another woman is doing. Additionally, if we love ourselves we can show love to others and be happy when they succeed. I was able to experience this genuine support for other women at the Suited For Success event hosted by LaShawn Reed-Kendricks a few days ago.


This event featured four dynamic women sharing stories of how they’ve defined their success and what was learned along the way. In front of a packed house, panelists also shared practical tips on entrepreneurship, balance, and walking away from corporate careers. Here’s a recap of what the women shared.

lashawnAs the founder of Essentials 4 Success, LaShawn Reed-Kendricks coordinated Suited For Success and has had an amazing year with two sold-out events. Her business focuses on helping women take the leap toward entrepreneurship. One of LaShawn’s areas of focus is showing others how to network and meet positive women. She was also sure to let attendees know that, “You have to expose your authentic self and understand that everyone’s success looks different, so define your own.”

jenniferfrimelIn Jennifer Frimel’s opinion, success is to wake up every morning, no matter the situation, and feel happy. Jen is a single mother who experienced a nasty divorce and left Corporate America to find herself and pursue her passions. After coming out of her storm victorious, her motto is “Keep It Simple.”


Nicky Miller is the founder of I AM: Mirror Messages, Inc.nicky-miller and I AM Vision X, who is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Her words of wisdom to the Suited For Success attendees was to align your mission with your purpose and be unique. Nicky said she keeps her circle small to help avoid negative influences. Nicky is also the chairperson for Cleveland’s Women in the NAACP and is motivated to be her best when she is helping others.

nicoleLIVE AUTHENTICALLY are words Nicole Liatos lives by! She added that, “Success is driven by mindset, purpose, and passion.” As the program coordinator for the Women’s Business Center, co-founder of @CurlyCLE_, and other ventures, Nicole believes that if women stay in their own lane, competition wouldn’t exist.

Outside of the amazing panelists, Suited For Success featured wine tastings with Lina Wines and other vendors, including DorNee Natural Body & Hair Luxuries, Dsha’s Divine Desserts, Traci Lynn, and Damsel in Defense. Hors d’oeuvres were provided by Flava Catering and DJ Shonny Mac kept attendees empowered spinning powerful songs by female artists.


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