Dear weight loss, can we journey together?

Achieving a healthy weight is one of those things that is so close but seems so far. I, myself, have struggled with this for years and am pretty darn tired of the emotions and stress that come with being overweight. I’ve had enough!

Not being comfortable in the skin you are in can be embarrassing and affect your self-esteem. You feel subpar and sometimes even avoid people or places. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of BBWs that are confident and fierce! Kudos to them. However, if you’re not as confident as you could be because of your weight, then I am talking to you.

We already know what to do, right? Smaller portions, cutting processed foods and sugars, plenty of water and sleep, and exercise. But if you know what you need to do, why hasn’t it worked yet? The one and most important thing we neglect is mindset. The battle is won or lost in the mind, and without the right mindset, you will remain in the same place you’ve been for years. This has been my downfall and place of stagnation but I am ready for a change and need your help!

I refuse to go into 2018 the same way I walked into 2017. THAT’S DEAD! So with about two and 1/2 months left in this year, let’s take action…ASAP!

If you’ve had enough, comment below or email and say, “I’M IN!” Let’s conquer this weight loss journey together! You will receive a weekly email with meal and exercise suggestions, plus support and encouragement.

Let’s finish this year with a BANG!


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