Death to lame New Year’s resolutions

I am all for setting New Year’s resolutions and accomplishing those goals over a 12-month period. What I am not for is having the same goals every year. How many times can you resolve to lose 30 pounds? Seriously!

Statistics show that a little more than half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only eight percent succeed in meeting their goals. [1] I used to be part of the 92 percent that didn’t succeed. I’d make 10-15 resolutions every January and maybe accomplish one and just keep rolling them over for the next year. I didn’t meet my goals, and it became normal. Something had to change.

Figuring out what was wrong was simple. It was my mindset. I was setting goals but was comfortable with my life and saw no real reason to accomplish anything. I had to decide if I wanted to change or if I was going to remain in the same place forever.

At the end of 2015, I set some goals to help increase my discipline and force me out of my comfort zone. These goals pushed me to put in extra hours and get real uncomfortable, and it paid off. In 2016, I accomplished all of my goals, except for one, and am super proud of that. Crushing goals allows you to dream bigger and shoot for the stars. Georgia O’Keeffe once said, “You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.” It’s time to step our game up!

I’ve already started working on my 2017 goals and am excited about this coming year. Have you already decided what goals you’re going to crush this year?



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