Defying the odds & living out our dreams with Rachel Bourn

Joining us in this podcast is social worker, blogger, and dedicated single mother of five Rachel Bourn. Rachel works as a resident supervisor at a homeless shelter for pregnant teenage girls and as a program coordinator for an after-school drug prevention program.

In 2004, she suffered the devastating loss of her two-year old son and her father a year later. Rachel found herself in a string of abusive relationships and soon hit rock bottom. Fortunately, she found the strength and courage to turn her life around. Rachel is here to discuss her journey and why she has devoted her life to helping others.

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  1. I am so honored to be Ms. Rachel’s little sister ❤? Her strength I admire so much ! While being a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, social worker .. she still finds time to help others ! That is what makes her so beautiful to me. She is really the woman I look up to the most. She has been through so much but yet she still keeps going. I love my sissy ❣ and I thank her for sharing her story. It helps me and I know it will help other young women as well ?

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