DIY Room Spray with Essential Oils

DIY Room Spray with Essential Oils

Can’t find that perfect room spray that fits the vibe of your home? If you don’t have a diffuser or choose not to use it all of the time, this would be perfect for you. Make your own all-natural room spray with the essential oils you already have.

The same as you would buy a room spray, or Febreze, you can easily mix a blend at home. With natural, pure scents, you can freshen up your house with lingering fragrances without the extra chemicals. Give it a try!

Room Spray with Essential Oils

Total Time: Less than 5 minutes

  • distilled water
  • witch hazel
  • two of your favorite essential oils
  • 4 oz. spray bottle

  1. In the spray bottle, add 2 oz. of distilled water and 2 oz. of witch hazel.
  2. Add 10-15 drops of your two favorite essential oils to make the perfect scent for your space.
  3. Replace the nozzle and shake all the ingredients together.
  4. And there you have it. Your very own all-natural room spray.

Leave a comment and let me know the blends you’d like to try.


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