How far will you go to make someone smile?

I remember watching a Joan Rivers documentary where she stated that she had a gun and was about to commit suicide. At the time, she was going through a lot. She was fired from a job, her husband had recently committed suicide, her daughter wasn’t speaking to her, and she had developed an eating disorder. Joan felt there was nothing to live for. As she contemplated suicide with a gun in her lap, her dog came and laid his body on the gun. At that moment, Joan realized that even if no one needed her, that dog did.

Isn’t it funny how our Father in Heaven sends us messages in the most peculiar ways? Why did that dog lay on her gun? I think we can all say it wasn’t her time to go. Additionally, that small gesture by a house pet was enough to give Joan something to live for and to find the value in herself again. He gave her a smile.

I know we can all think of times when we could’ve gone the extra mile to say hello or help someone out and didn’t. There used to be a time in my life when I wouldn’t dare speak or make eye contact. As I matured in my faith, however, I realized I had to let my light shine even when it was uncomfortable. And now I try not to miss opportunities to engage others. The truth is, it may be a chance to share the gospel or encourage someone.

I don’t know how Elohim will use me, but one thing I know for sure is, I want to be used by Him. Will you go the extra mile to make someone smile at least once a day?

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