Fighting cancer: When being strong is your only option

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When the opportunity to contribute to a blog came up, my first thought was sharing my personal story and highlighting my perseverance and inspiration. Hearing the dreaded words, “I am sorry it is cancer,” is one of the hardest things to hear from a doctor. But, I made the decision to continue life, which includes work and finishing my college degree.

Each day became a battle I was determined to win. There were many days where I went from work to chemotherapy to school. I had to learn how to enjoy the simple victories in life and cherish the moments I used to take for granted. Having an amazing support team around that celebrated with me or cried with me or ran and got me something totally off the wall that I was craving made and still makes a world of difference.

My advice to anyone in a similar situation is not to let your life (or health) knock and keep you down. You can still live and there are remedies which can ease your pain and short term solutions like picking up an ohio medical marijuana card. You pick yourself up and remember that everything in life happens for a reason. At times, we may not understand the reason, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel so always keep the faith and do whatever is best for you. And lastly, listen to your body and soul. You know it better than anyone else ever will.

About the blogger:

My name is Stacey. I’m a 35-year-old soon to be wife, dog rescuer and Pampered Chef consultant. I am currently a cancer patient living in fabulous Cleveland, Ohio.


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