Jenai Payten takes ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ to another level

Lola's Bridal Boutique Owner

For a bride, the Say Yes To The Dress moment means everything so four years ago when Jenai Payten expected hers to be magical, she was extremely disappointed. Seeing her dream dress in the mirror next to multiple other brides seeing theirs, wasn’t exactly the way she imagined it. The day Jenai chose her dress was memorable for all the wrong reasons which inspired her to open Lola’s Bridal Boutique Cleveland.

Named after her oldest daughter, the boutique allows each bride to receive individual attention. This one-on-one service lets the bride feel special without seeing another bride next to her in the same dress. It’s about creating a custom, unique feel for each bride.

“I did not have a Say Yes To the Dress experience because as I was saying yes, another bride was also saying yes which overshadowed my moment. Not to mention, we kind of had on similar dresses. And I felt rushed, and I didn’t have that feeling. For most, a wedding dress is going to be the most expensive garment that you’re going to buy and I feel like that memory should be everything,” said Jenai.

Jenai with Alo Nuko

“When you’re walking down the aisle you remember that feeling when you tried that dress on. You don’t want to remember that you had to stand there and wait for a sales associate to come back or you had to share that moment with somebody else. That moment should be special. You’re sharing it with family and loved ones­–the people closest to you. So, that’s what I feel every bride should have that special moment.

“So I started looking into the industry to see what brides wanted. And a lot of brides simply wanted that experience. And that’s what I want to give them. When you come into my store you have the option of traditional dresses and custom dresses. To make this happen, I reached out to a designer, Alo Nuko, in London and she got back with me. I went over to London and we met. We actually drew up the designs of the dresses, and we kind of just went from there.” The boutique will also carry Christina Woo’s line of bridesmaid’s dresses.

The Arcade's AtriumMany bridal shops are located in the suburbs, but Lola’s Bridal Boutique Cleveland is located in the heart of the city. “The reason I chose downtown Cleveland is that it’s up and coming. We’re starting to build all these different restaurants and bars and bowling alleys, and people are starting to do a lot of downtown living. It’s the perfect location.”

Lola’s Bridal Boutique Cleveland’s Showcase and Resource Soiree is February 11, 2018, from 12PM-5PM. “It’s going at The Arcade in the atrium. “I’m going to have 28 bridal vendors including photographers, florist, men tuxedos, event planners, and more.” The grand opening will also be hosted by Bijou Star with music by DJ Lo-Key, and attendees will enjoy complimentary hors-d’oeuvres and signature cocktails. Free registration is available here.

Jenai’s final thoughts…“I’m overwhelmed with all the connections that I’ve built and all the people that I’ve met and am excited to be in the place that I am right now.”

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  1. I am coming from NY on the 23rd of November. I would like to “look around”, but don’t really want to make an appointment and get special treatment…just want to see what is out there. I saw your store listed and I would like to stop by. Do you accept shoppers without an appointment? I look forward to hopefully seeing you on the 23rd.

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