“Just throw it in the bag” disease

“Just throw it in the bag” disease

I suffer from “just throw it in the bag” disease! Have you heard of it? Yes, it’s a real thing and I’ve been suffering from it for years. How did I get it? Well, part of it, I’m sure, is generational but I’ve done a decent amount of damage myself just living a YOLO life. For such a long time, I was completely happy and content with this disease but the effects and consequences are far too great to not make changes.

I’ve always been an “if I see it, I get it” type of person. I have so much stuff that I times I buy duplicate or similar items simply because I can’t remember I already purchased it. SMH and what’s more is I’ve honestly been spending about $1,500 on miscellaneous stuff for the last 10 years! That’s $18,000 a year and $180,000 for 10 years. I’m disgusted with myself yet relieved I now know better.

At 36-years old, I realize the importance of wealth building and I want to give my children more than just my dashing good looks *wink* I want to pass on wealth and a big part of that is showing them financial responsibility because action speaks louder than words, right?

Since the beginning of this month, I’ve made a few changes that have helped me thus far. This includes:

Setting aside petty cash and when it’s gone, it’s gone! This has allowed me to put more thought into my purchases and plan out my spending which is extremely helpful if I’m going to make it through 30 days.

Minimizing impulse shopping by removing my bank and credit card from my wallet. Now if I need money I have to plan ahead or go into the bank.

Additionally, I started using a grocery delivery service so I don’t overspend at the grocery store. I pick out my food online and it’s delivered at a convenient time. Love it!

Buying enough food to enjoy meals at home. It’s so easy to go out and grab a meal especially in a society that promotes social eating at restaurants. I can, however, enjoy a meal that is just a good in the comfort of my own home. A benefit for my taste buds and my wallet.

Everything works together to help make “just throw it in the bag” disease a thing of the past. It’s only the beginning but I’m optimistic about my new plan’s success and I will post about my progress.

Have you had success with budgeting? If so, please share your struggles or tips!

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