Who do you look cute for: Yourself or your man?

We live in a society that praises appearance. Everyone wants to have the “baddest chick” or the “finest man.” When someone has so-called slipped in appearance, spectators will say, “they fell off.” This brings about an added pressure that you subconsciously need to look a certain way even though you may not mind a few extra pounds. So who do you look cute for: Yourself or your man?

I’ll be honest, for me it’s both. I want to be confident and cute, but I also want my husband to think I look great too. Somedays, I don’t feel like getting all dolled up but I do it for my husband because I think it’s important to please your man. Even if I’m lounging in the house, I’ll take the bonnet off!

Another aspect that comes into play is physical physique. Most couples put on some pounds with children and time. For the most part, it seems accepted but what if you and your man fell in love as a physically fit couple? Is he allowed to address weight gain and vice versa? I recently read a story that tells of a woman who made weight gain a non-negotiable because her marriage was built on physical fitness.

What are your thoughts?

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