Minding Her Business CLE recap

Essentials4Success president LaShawn Reed-Kendricks and InnovativeEdge Marketing owner TerDawn DeBoe hosted the Minding Her Business CLE Workshop this past Saturday. The sold out event gathered together a slew of women to celebrate the launch of The Women’s Business Directory as well as to help female entrepreneurs accelerate their passions.

Minding Her Business CLE featured businesses included Plan On It Event Specialists, Peridot Scrubs Medical Supply LLC, and I AM: Mirror Messages, Incorporated.

Here’s a peek inside.

After sharing their humble beginnings, LaShawn and TerDawn discussed the importance of finding your voice, and how pushing past fear makes you better and helps you grow. “Trust God in everything that you do…if you listen He will direct you,” LaShawn added.

TerDawn gave marketing tips for creating a stellar brand, discussed how to create a brand story, and understanding your Facebook audience. She also reminded attendees that, “Your edge is that no one else can do what you do.”



Additionally, attendees were given a workbook that included a self-confidence test and were asked to rate themselves and evaluate how they can improve in this area. They also answered the following questions:

Why did you start a business?
What does your company do?
What are you passionate about?
What makes your heart sing?


The founder of I Am: Mirror Messages, Nicky Miller, gave inspiration through affirmations by asking the attendees to stand and recite:

I am a CHILD of GOD.
I am the CEO of my LIFE.
I am the MASTER of my THOUGHTS.

She also reminded attendees that all it takes to get started is one idea.



For more information or to get listed in The Women’s Business Directory, please email Admin@InnovativEdgeMarketing.com.


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  1. This seemed like a very fun inspirational event so needed for us to get together and empower one another. Thank you for sharing I will try to make this event next year ?

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