What you missed: 100 Women In White

The 2nd annual 100 Women In White was nothing short of amazing. Held at Mooreland Mansion just east of Cleveland, the evening focused on beauty, grace, healing, style, substance and unity. 100 Women In White founder, Niyia Whittingham, created this event to help women live life to the fullest.

The evening featured a host of influencers who revealed their past hurts and how they overcame. The many stories, some tearful, helped attendees see that so many women share similar testimonies and fulfilled the evening’s slogan, Embrace Other Women. You don’t know what it takes to be her.

Influencers included:


Shanice Dunning – Multimedia Maven, Journalist

Tyneice J. – Project Manager, Ministry Leader/Host


Sunni Segines – Hairstylist, Promoter
Cori Sykes – Author, Entrepreneur
Tiaera Williams – Life Coach
Carmon Hinton – Advocate
Stacey Hubbard – Licensed Professional Counselor
LaShawn Reed-Kendricks, MBA – Entrepreneur
Christian Basie – Entrepreneur

Ebony Canion – Author, Entrepreneur


Yvonne Pointer – Speaker, Author, Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Kaira Akita – Actress, Creative Messenger

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