My first visit to a Salt Cave, plus more

My first visit to a Salt Cave, plus more

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A few weeks ago, I somehow found myself staring at a huge gap in my schedule–a Friday afternoon with no meetings or appointments. Immediately taking advantage of this opportunity, I decided it would be best filled with some Me Time. As I started thinking about where to go, I knew I wanted to try new places and it clicked…I was going to spend my afternoon in Mentor.

My first visit to a Salt Cave, plus moreThere are so many great places to experience in Mentor. Not to mention, there is no shortage of good food and shopping. I knew I’d have a great time, plus I heard the city had a few new attractions that I wanted to check out.

My first stop was the Mentor Salt Cave. I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the retail part of the store filled with Himalayan pink salt products ranging from lamps to body soaps, and more.

The Mentor Salt Cave creates a hypo-bacterial and allergen-free air system for users to inhale while relaxing in some awesome zero-gravity chairs in the salt cave. It’s supposed to clear mucus and kill bacteria leading to a healthier sinus and respiratory tract. I didn’t know what to expect but had a great time, and the cave was relaxing and therapeutic.

My first visit to a Salt Cave, plus moreAfter completing a 45-minute cave session, salt foot baths are offered to remove toxins through the feet into the foot bath water.

Now relaxed and hungry, my next stop was CoreLife Eatery–an organic and GMO-free restaurant. Fairly new to Mentor, CoreLife puts its own twist on convenience eating by offering healthy food that tastes great. What’s more is everything is fresh!

I had a Southwest bowl with purple rice and apple cider green tea. Both were delicious!

Every girl loves martinis, so Billy’s – a Cappelli Martini Bar was the perfect last stop. The dim lighting with hints of blue creates a contemporary atmosphere and made for a great social setting. It was an extremely enjoyable experience with great music.  Billy’s – a Cappelli Martini Bar offers daily food and drink specials including a Manicures & Martinis Night, and a Ladies Night.

These places are not just perfect for some Me Time, but also for a great time with friends or a significant other. The Mentor Salt Cave, CoreLife Eatery, and Billy’s – a Cappelli Martini Bar are just a few of the many things to experience in Mentor. If you get some free time, check out all the happenings in this eastside suburb.


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