Niyia Whittingham tells how she used holistic remedies as an alternative to prescription drugs

Niyia Whittingham is a Certified Aromatic Therapist who got into holistic healing because of her own health issues. Her focus was just to heal her diagnosis when she discovered she was able to heal her emotions as well. She is all about Healing, Creativity and Empowerment so becoming an aromatherapist was in alignment with who she is. Niyia is so passionate about alternative healing methods that she started an aromatherapy line called “Unique Alternatives” that focuses on emotional healing and balancing moods.

Find out more about aromatherapy and why it should be part of our overall health regimen below.

What exactly is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oil to heal. These essentials are found in plants.  Aromatherapy or Aromatic Therapy helps the mind, body and spirit of the person seeking help.

What are the benefits?
The benefits of aromatherapy are endless. It can improve and bring balance to your mental, physical and spiritual health whether you believe in it or not, it’s universal and effective.

img_0908How did you start using oils to heal?
I’ve had three major surgeries–two in particular that were severely harsh on my body. I never was the same. After the surgeries, I noticed that many side effects came with the chemical-based prescriptions and vaccines given to me. I began to look up the side effects and eventually stopped taking the prescribed medication. I just had a gut feeling that it was another way to heal.

My body had so much residue from the medication and it eventually weakened my immune system. This led me to start doing my own research on how to seek alternative healing for my body. I found so many articles to support my assumptions and began my journey of holistic healing. I also started seeking acupuncture and chiropractic facilities. The results I received were staggering. One thing led to another and I started researching alternative medicine schools and came across the Healing Center in Atlanta. A few weeks later my husband got a call about a new position in Atlanta and we relocated to the south. The Healing Center was literally 15 minutes from our condo. Let’s just say it was fate. I am now a Certified Aromatic Therapist with my own line focusing on emotional healing, that I can customize for many other symptoms.

What need do you feel needed to be met by creating Unique Alternatives?
Holistic remedies take us back to the basics before the use of chemicals and technology. I truly believe that some things are to be used in its purest form especially when it has supernatural abilities. These oils and blends should be in every household.  Over-the-counter products fill up our cabinets, and while not all of them are bad, they just aren’t pure. Our bodies recognize what is rooted in the earth–plants are just that. Many oils aid in oxygenating, hydrating and detoxifying the human system. So I would like to restore the natural way as the first option through the use of essentials oils.

What types of products do you offer?
I offer blends for emotional healing called focus, release, balance, peace of mind and a girl power. All of my blends are available in a refreshing spray, inhaler, and bath salts. I also have calming lip balm, and offer a monthly self-care package called “the Beauty Blessing” For more details and descriptions, please visit



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