Pamela Hill made ending the stigma around mental health her business

Found of I CARE / U CARE

In the black community, mental health is still a bit taboo. Many suffer from various illnesses but fail to get help. Then there’s Pamela Hill who has personally suffered from mental illness and has made it her business to help others develop self-confidence, compassion, integrity, and more. Find out how in her Q&A.

Tell us about yourself?
Professionally, my background has been in business for over 25 years. From the beauty industry, hospitality, private schools, and property management. Currently, I head up the HR department at a Property Management Company. This company has several properties in 3 different states. My HR focus is on Payroll and Health Benefits.
I am also the founder of I CARE / U CARE, LLC. A mentoring and leadership program enriching Self-esteem, Self-awareness, and Mental Health Literacy, which is my passion and I believe my responsibility. And there are some places like Recovery Village who might be able to help.

Personally. my interest goes from one extreme to another, just like me 🙂 I’m adventurous and reserved. I love the ARTS–whether it involves music, art or poetry…count me in! Having hobies and appreciating nature is important when it comes to handling mental illness; if possible you should try to move to an area with plenty of natural beauty like this for rent furnished apartment barrie.

How did I Care / U Care, LLC come about? What made you decide to start a non-profit organization?
I’ve experienced what I call the 3 H’s: Hurts, Hindrances, and Hardships. Just like many others who have dealt with physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse, I had trouble with self-esteem. I was put down, talked about and even bullied by friends and so-called family. I used to believe the negative talk more than I believed anything positive.

People would tell me I should love myself because I was special and that I could be great at anything if I just believed in myself. I didn’t know how or where to begin as none of those people took the time or maybe didn’t know how to show me. How can you love yourself, when I don’t like your life? How do you become great at something, when you don’t know what you’re even good at?

It wasn’t until a woman, who was not my family, took me in as family and became a second mother. By investing time and even money in me, she taught me my worth by helping me develop as young woman. She truly taught me what faith in God meant, so I would know how to FORGIVE others and myself. She taught me how to accept responsibility for everything in my life, even the 3 H’s: Hurt, Hindrances, and Hardships, that I may not have deserved or asked for. All while NEVER ASKING FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN. She planted the seed and encourage me to care enough to let life water it…and I grew.

I would often thank her, but she would tell me, “Don’t thank me. Thank God and it will come a time for you to give just like I’ve given to you.” She really took time and energy, even to this day, (THANK YOU BELINDA GROGAN!) to show me she cared, and I began to care. Hence…I CARE / U CARE became my responsibility and passion!

You focus on helping individuals raise their self-esteem and increase their self-worth. What need did you see in the community to focus on these areas?
There is always a need to help others in our community and hopefully, it transcends into our world in some small way. Having a confidence in self, learning how to hone in on your strengths, what to do with your weakness and discovering how to manage with any issues that can debilitate you, is crucial to making proper personal choices. Then you become your best and can offer your best to others. It starts with you.

What are some services you offer? What age groups and demographics?With the motto, “We’ll speak up or sweep up,” ICUC will volunteer and/or partner with any organization fiduciary to their mission in making people, places, and things better.

ICUC offers two programs: M.E.I. Groups and I.A.R. Workshops. Both are intended to enrich lives and to help people reach their full potential by embolden confidence and help expand personal choices and life options.

M.E.I. stands for Motivation, Encouragement and Inspire. This is a short-term group for adults that meets at scheduled times to provide support and information on topics, such as:

  • Self-esteem and Self-awareness
  • Healthy Lifestyles Choices
  • Financial Education
  • Sexuality
  • Mental Health
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Achieving balance between the self and others
  • Recovery from grief and abuse

I.A.R. stands for I Am Resilient. These are youth workshops that use creative skills to explore and nurture self-esteem, acceptance, responsibility, assertiveness and build an overall positive image in spite of circumstances that can break and debilitate the human spirit.


These workshops focus on:

  • Creative Writing & Poetry
  • Art Mediums
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music

What is the ICUC’s ultimate goal?
Simply put…to establish CARE to those who want to learn to how to better CARE for themselves. I hope it plants a seed to plant another seed of how to develop self-confidence, compassion, integrity, and personal empowerment.

Why is educating and helping to end mental health stigma so important to you?
I have ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and Depression.

If you have a broken leg, more than likely you don’t know how to fix it. How to stop its pain or how to develop its strength back. If you don’t get help, by going to a doctor that specializes in broke legs…guess what? You will not walk the same, probably limp for the rest of your life and suffer from its pain.

People will look at you strangely and say, “Why didn’t you go to the doctor and get your leg fixed?” It’s like second nature. If you need a doctor–go to the hospital.
But people look at mental health with such a dark cloud. Often times people don’t know that they even have mental health issues because they equate mental health with being crazy (stereotypical). Getting educated and receiving help will help manage or rid yourself of mental health problems. Not all mental health issues are forever or unmanageable.

Do you see a doctor for your mental health?
Yes, I see a doctor, just as I see a medical doctor. I still see a therapist from time to time.

Do you have any training programs that deal with mental health?
Yes, I am certified in Mental Health First Aid and I am also certified by NAMI- National Alliance on Mental Illness as a Support Group Facilitator. I have also taken a course in Art Therapy and other MH programs.

What organizations have you worked with?
We do ongoing work with America Scores. This organization teaches kids how physical activity, creative expression, and teamwork nurtures a strong body, mind, and character. I am a poetry judge and I have mentored the children in creative writing and poetry.

PNC Fairfax Connection is a free community resource center designed to strengthen and connect the community. I sometimes teach a course there called, “How to read your paychecks,” to various ages–teens to seniors who are new to the workforce or returning to it.

Those are just two of the organizations. ICUC has volunteered with transitional housing, shelters, and churches with the youth. It’s what we love to do!

Are you looking for volunteers for ICUC?
Yes, we are always looking. Currently, we are seeking Board Members, Event Planners, Mentors, Social Media and anyone who feels they have something to offer. Rather it’s “Speaking up or Sweeping up.” 🙂

How to reach you?
We can be reached at 216-925-6073 or a voicemail can be left at 216-438-3225. Find out more information at

14 Comments on Pamela Hill made ending the stigma around mental health her business

  1. Informative, very descriptive
    As you read you feel welcome and safe. You walk away with the most important emotion it is a GODLY enviorment. Hard off to you Paamela very well done. Excellent job.

  2. This is huge. I definitely applaud you speaking out on issues of mental health. Also, Belinda Grogan I send my love, prayers and applaud you for stepping into Pamela’s life. Although I haven’t met her in person, she has been a GREAT INSPIRATION to me. I THANK the both of you beautiful ladies.

  3. I am soooo proud of you…of the BEAUTIFUL person you are inside and out! (you
    look GORGEOUS!) I will call you…LOVE U ..always have!
    p.s. This write up is deserve a PhD!

    • Your comment means so much to me. Thanks you! I’m especially grateful that NIC took the interest and time to share my story. This was possible because A Randoms Life made it so. Thanks again!

  4. Just simply amazing. I’m very proud and honored to know Pamela. She always leave you with love, kindness and a sense of belonging. She’s honest in her approach to everything she does and believes in the true gift of paying it foward. Well done my sister well done!

  5. Amazing, Pam Hill. Not only our community but many communities around the world need ICUC. I have been inspired by your story and looking forward to seeing you bless many by lifting that dark cloud from mental illness and self-hate. I Care, U Care!!!!

  6. I am so proud of you and proud to know you. I cannot praise you enough for having the courage to not only take a stand for yourself, but for others, as this issue is very near and dear to my heart and as you said, one that’s overlooked in our community. You are living proof that one can make strides and even overcome in this area, with the right help and that said help is okay to obtain. I pray that many will flock to you and be able to accomplish what you have.

    • I am humbled and grateful…THANK YOU ! I’ve been blessed to have a strong circle that has helped me to stay encouraged when I’ve needed it most. Your comment confirms the calling and makes me happy to know you too! I just want people to see that I am a mirror image of them and we are all no different when it comes to needs and healing! PEACE!!!

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