Paraffin or Soy Wax Candles…which is better?

Soy or Paraffin Candles?

Paraffin and soy wax candles have a lot of similarities. They even smell and look similar. There is no denying that paraffin wax candles have their own unique advantages, but when it truly comes down to it, soy candles are a better option. Here’s why.

Soy candles burn cleanly
A distinct feature that soy wax candles have that makes them more desirable is the fact that only a tiny amount of soot is released while they burn. You might have noticed the black residue or soot present inside the jars of paraffin wax candles. It doesn’t look good and is difficult to get rid of.

Another advantage with soy candles is that they do not release any harmful toxins. Paraffin candles can release toxins that are dangerous to inhale.

Soy candles are natural
Soy candles are made from soybeans. Soybeans are not only natural but are a renewable source that farmers grow in different regions of the world. As opposed to this, carcinogenic substances and petroleum are found in paraffin candles. These are nonrenewable sources and prove to be harmful when released into the air. Conversely, natural soy candles are safe and do not carry any harmful substances.

Soy candles last longer
If kept side by side, you will discover that paraffin candles of the same size do not last as long as soy candles. Soy candles have a cooler burning temperature than paraffin candles which slows its burning time. Slow burn=Longevity. Soy candles are also biodegradable.

Soy candles smell better
The scent that essential oils carry tends to stick with soy candles for a release which I love. I personally, can’t handle the strong scents of paraffin candles and for years, wouldn’t be them. They gave me a headache. Additionally, soy candles hold color better than other options.

Now, there are some soy candles that contain harmful additives but most are all natural. There is even paraffin/soy mixes out there. This is why you should always read the label prior to buying any candle.

If you are a candle lover, like myself, opt for soy candles with phthalate free fragrances. Which your favorite candle scent? I love the Count It All Joy soy wax melts by Peace Be Still Collection.


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