Pourin’ candles and sippin’ wine

Candle Making At Candle Studio

Recently, I noticed friends posting pictures of their hand-poured candles. Being an avid fan of DIY projects, hence my own upcoming perfume making event, I immediately started thinking about how cool it would be to lock in on this experience myself. Finally getting around to it, I did just that last Friday at the Candle Studio in Pinecrest.

As soon as you walk in, a Candle Studio associate greets and offers you a glass of wine from their modest but diverse list of drinks. You are then directed to a massive wall of over 80 fragrances ranging from sweet to seductive to scents you’d never think would be scent contenders. The associates encourage you to write down every scent you love. I managed to write down 12 of my favorites and picked a cute shimmery rose gold jar to house my candle. After I made my selections, it was time to choose my scents.

How do you narrow down 12 scents? Easy. With an associate who knows what fragrances mix well together. Upon his recommendation, I chose Cherry Blossom, Anjou Pear, and Whipped Cream–such a euphoric mix that I labeled it “Simple Sexy.” Once I poured and mixed in my scents with hot soy wax It was then time to pass my mix off to the associate for the finishing touches and wax setting.

While my candle was cooling, my friend Olivia and I had some girl time and enjoyed our wine. The Candle Studio is such a welcoming environment you won’t want to leave and my candle smells AMAZING. What’s more, is it’s the perfect location for a date night (they even have masculine smells your man can mix) or ladies’ night. I will definitely be back.


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