Q&A: Sara Williams tells how being a teenage mother led her to purpose

Becoming a mother can change your life in an instant. At times, it can seem like all your hopes and dreams are gone. Sara Williams once found herself on that road as a teenage, single mother. But what initially seemed to be the worst thing turned out to be what she needed to walk in purpose. Below is Sara’s amazing story. Enjoy.


Tell us about yourself?
I began my journey being raised in the church and as an excellent student. I was the girl no one ever thought would end up as a single mother, let alone a teenage mother. I was a freshman in college and found myself with my boyfriend for the first time in my life and a few months into our relationship, a baby. Reflecting on becoming a mother, I believe that the only reason I even fooled with my child’s father was not even because he was my type or I even liked him, but because he was the first person in my life that showed an interest in me romantically and was willing to act on it. I was foolish and blinded by my own insecurity and lacked self-love. SW1

As a single mother, also raised by a single mother, I found myself home from college, in the place I left and swore I’d never come back to. I was full of fear, anxiety and uncertainty as I returned to my home with a new baby. I chose to be a single mother for my sanity and the safety of my child and myself. I decided to leave that mundane, life draining, abusive existence behind. Thankfully the women in my life were my strength and supported me throughout the process. I started my academic life all over again and found myself going to college year round until I graduated from a community college, transferring to a four-year University as a second-semester junior. I graduated on time from the University and continued my education culminating with four college degrees. I give God the glory.

Where has your journey taken you?
As a single mother, I found myself taking classes that I believed would assist me in becoming a great mother. I began taking early childhood education classes at my local community college. Before too long, I had a degree in Early Childhood Education and was working in the field as a teacher. This decision led me to eventually becoming a licensed teacher in the state of Ohio. I would never have become an accomplished educator had I not become a mother. Being a mother led me to my best self.

My journey has taken me to the outer limits of my own as I reached out for the hand of God, took hold of it firmly and allowed him to light my path. I found myself placing my own desires on the back burner and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me as I embarked on a journey that was most certainly all about God’s call on my life, which was to be a light in the lives of children and their families throughout the past two decades of my life.

Most recently, I retired from the classroom in the traditional sense. I was enjoying my job and had just completed some further online courses for teachers, but found myself suddenly summoned again by the Lord to do something out of the norm. In the midst of being on top of my career, I resigned from teaching and was called to homeschool my youngest two children. Though I was at the top of the pay scale, had been awarded numerous awards and was most recently selected as a Master Teacher for the state of Ohio, it was time to move on. Of course, I do not know how long this season shall last, but I have found that obedience is necessary when you are living in your purpose having been divinely inspired to do the will of God. I can see how God must see us, view us as I parent. Sometimes I hear myself say something to my children, and I think, “This must be how the Lord feels when I…(fill in the blank).” I have witnessed my oldest daughter surpass me already in numerous ways and I am so thoroughly delighted in how she is also being used by the Lord. She has a heart for Christ and desires to do well in this world for others and had she not witnessed much of what she and I went through as a single parent–she may not have been inspired to pursue those things that she is now.

sw3What has been your greatest lesson?
My greatest lesson has been what I want is not always what I need. When God calls you do something, it may not make sense, but he will equip you to fulfill His will through it all.

Any regrets?
I regret not having had all of the guidance that I believe could have assisted me in other areas of my life, but overall, I am thankful for the things that I have and the wisdom and insight the Lord has provided.

How have your experiences made you the woman you are today?
My determination and strong work ethic are due to all of my life’s experiences. I believe that I look at people and things differently than most people, and I often find myself internalizing some things that I probably would not be sensitive to simply based upon my life experiences. I constantly strive to be my best, do my best and am actively seeking guidance from the Lord to order my steps in His word and allow myself not to be led by my insight and understanding.

I am passionate about education on many levels. While actively seeking ways to provide for my daughter as a single mother and still be present in her life, I found myself with a spirit of entrepreneurship. Whether it was Avon, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, Ameriplan, Herbal Life, opening a child-care business at home or creating a business plan for an actual childcare center facility, the list goes on and on.

I have finally found what works for me and through these ventures, ended up being an educator in many ways. I do not just educate academically, but financially. I can now help families, individuals and businesses gain sound financial literacy by providing them with tools lead to sound financial wisdom.

This is a ministry that I can do while being a home-schooling mother. Academically, the sky is the limit as I am currently working on creating a homeschool co-op in addition to using my skills to assist other mothers and families in the homeschool process and any other areas they may need. I sincerely enjoy helping others and am thankful for the opportunity to be able to do it in many ways.

Though I am married now, I am sensitive to the needs of single mothers. In my role as a wife, I can now speak into the lives of married women as well. I understand the needs of women on many levels and being in that place is an honor.

sw2What do you feel God was teaching you throughout your life up until this point?
That this life is not about me. It is about something greater than me and that I am the total of all of my life events. My life is to be used as a testimony to others, to help and guide single mothers, teenage mothers, married women, families, children, students, so many people in so many ways and I am in awe and privileged to have been chosen for such a task as this at such a time as this.

We live in a dying world filled with negative influences, confusion, and strife. But, through grace we are saved and through that same grace, and mercy, we can all be light in the darkest of days. Every day that I wake up, I am thankful for another day to do the will of God. I am filled with hope–even on days when I don’t feel too hopeful and wonder what in the world am I doing. I am a work in progress and look forward to my continued life’s journey as the woman God has called me to be.

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