Things to consider when choosing a wedding venue

Wedding season is upon us and our timelines are full of wedding highlights. Social media is a great way to get an inside look, and a guest’s perspective, on some of the venues that you may be considering for your big day. The places you love, others you may hate, but at the end of the day your opinion is the only one that matters.

Here are some tips for selecting venues for your wedding or reception.

1. Choose a ceremony location first
I always recommend choosing your ceremony location first because unless you are planning to have your wedding and reception in the same location (which, by the way, is a great idea) this helps narrow down selections for a reception venue. By doing this you can also gauge how far guests will have to travel between venues, how far the ceremony location is from your pampering location or even places nearby that may be great for taking post-ceremony photos. Ceremony locations can be religious or traditional spaces, such as chapels and churches, or non-traditional places like stadiums, wineries, museums, historical landmarks, and the list goes on.

2. Consider your theme
If doing a theme for your wedding, try to choose a venue that would enhance your concept. If you were having a nautical theme, venues such as a yacht club, aquarium or beach house would be perfect. If you choose to do a modern-themed wedding, venues such as museums, private art galleries, lofts or chic hotels work well. Themes are not necessary, but when done correctly and with the right details it will impress your guests for many years to come. It’s also very important you choose the correct color palette that works with the theme of the wedding, looking into wedding color swatches and deciding on a couple to narrow down can be a good start.

3. A budget is a must
Your wedding budget is definitely one of the most important factors in selecting your venue. You do not have break the bank to have a beautiful wedding, but you do have to be realistic with how much you are willing to spend to bring your vision to life and you should also be prepared to cover the costs of any surprise expenses. It is important to talk to your fiancé, and family if they are assisting with expenses, prior to securing venues. If staying within the pre-determined budget is a top priority, hire a planner! Doing this can actually help you save money by making sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Many professional planners can offer creative ideas and cost-saving tips.

4. Schedule a walk through
An in-person visit is always the best way to determine all that a venue has to offer. Seeing where your event will take place, where your guests will enter, park, and need accommodations are really important before securing a venue. During a site visit, ask as many questions as possible and point out anything that may be a concern to you. And, remember to take plenty of photos.

5. The What’s, and the What Nots
Before you book your venue, compare each location. Pay close attention to what IS included and what is NOT. Some things you may think are a wedding standard, may actually be an additional charge. Hidden fees are never fun so ask questions and have a clear understanding before signing any contracts.

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With almost a decade of experience, Wedding & Floral Stylist Joi Adamson specializes in fresh flowers and considers herself a perfectionist. Joi’s attention to detail and ability to work with any budget, keeps her in high demand as she produces weddings around the country. Find out more at


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  1. Wonderful tips! Weddings are beautiful and planning is key thanks for sharing ♥ Love that you have a Budget in there major for the success of a wedding before and after ♥

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