Do Something That Scares You Everyday: More than a cliché

Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference

“Do something that scares you everyday” seems so cliché, right?

A little over three weeks ago, I hosted my first event ever. Why did I decide to have an event? Well, I saw a need in my local community and I wanted to help women on their transitions to natural, holistic lifestyles. When my journey began two years ago, I had such a tough time finding the right information and figuring out what products would work best for me. Some days, I wanted to quit to revert back to the traditional cleaners, soaps and lotions I’d used for years but luckily, I was determined to make permanent lifestyle changes. So, from my love for homemade, natural products and a desire to help women, the Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference was born.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of emotions and uncertainties that went into hosting an event. What topics are interesting? Will people attend? How do I decorate? What should go in the gift bags? All sorts of questions that kept me up at night. There were even times when I thought about canceling the event, but I believed in it enough to keep pushing forward, and I’m thankful I did.

I believe the Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference was a success. Even as the host, I learned a lot and gained valuable insight. The vendors were great, the food was phenomenal, and the DJ kept the ambiance smooth. Similar to a wedding day, it felt surreal like it wasn’t really my event. It was like I was a guest at someone else’s conference.

Looking back, I know there are things I could’ve done better, but overall I believe I hosted an amazing event. I am extremely proud of myself for taking a chance on me. It makes me a little emotional thinking about how I conquered my fears and pushed forward even though I was afraid to do something I’d never done before.

Check out Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference pics here!

It’s a little scary stepping out on faith and doing something that scares you, but it’s necessary for growth. What have you done or are thinking about doing that requires you to step out on faith?

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6 Responses

  1. Hey Nic, thank you so much for sharing this post. So, there are several things that I want to do but am a little hesitant at this time in my life. I know that eventually I will have to just do it!

  2. I needed this! I’ve been working on a business plan and putting together a curriculum for youth.. I’ve seen myself doing speaking engagements and groups in my mind but FEAR confronts me EVERYDAY. Your experience inspired me to keep with the vision! Thanks and good luck on many more in the future!!

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