Comparing yourself to others? Three ways to stop today!

3 tips to stop comparing yourself

It doesn’t matter what level you achieve in life, it will always be hard not to compare yourself to the next woman. Often times, it seems like this woman has more followers than you, a better house than you, a better job, more money, hell even a better family…wait, no that’s too much! Anyways, you get my point and these type of comparisons can dull your awesomeness and you don’t want that, right?

I sure don’t. So let’s figure this out. Comparison is the thief of joy and we deserve better, so I’ve identified a few ways to keep ourselves out of the comparison pit of death.

What makes us compare?
I think the main reason is we live in a society that tells us we need more. We find satisfaction in material things so we can keep up with the Jones’ (whoever they are), which leaves us in an unsatisfied state. This, in turn, makes us look at our lives and say, “I need to get my ish together!” when in actuality our lives are fine.

Just remember, nothing is exactly what it seems and no one’s life is perfect.

Are you motivated by comparison?
Don’t feel ashamed, many people are. Just know that motivating yourself by comparing can make you miserable. Why? Because you will always be one step behind. Even if you move ahead of the person you’ve been comparing yourself to, you’ll always be checking their progress and possibly start evaluating someone else’s life. It’s a vicious cycle!

So what do we do? Find something else (nonhuman) to motivate you.
– Set ridiculous, unrealistic fitness goals.
– Adopt a hobby that requires mastery and takes some time to achieve.
– Volunteer for a cause that gives you a purpose greater than yourself.

Obsessed with comparing?
It’s time for a change. If you are constantly comparing it’s become an obsession. It’s cool to have mentors and role models, but if following them on social media changes your mood, you’ve gone off the deep end. Now, this won’t be easy for everyone, but I am suggesting you unfollow them. Let me tell you why with one of my personal stories.

I used to follow a professional speaker with hundreds of thousands of followers, and looking at her images and videos made me miserable. Her outfits were always cute, her house was beautiful, she had a luxury car, and was constantly traveling the world with her “perfect” little family. UGH! I couldn’t take it so I unfollowed her. She was becoming an idol (a big no-no) and I’d taken comparison too far. It’s been almost two joyous years now and I have no regrets.

Do yourself a favor and cut the cord!



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2 Responses

  1. Yes its hard not to compare yourself to other women but then you remember sometimes its just a motivating mechanism. Its ok to always want more and to do better. But never mistaken jealousy for admiration. You can not be her because you have not endured her pain you have not witness her short cummings you have not walked her walk and fore most you have not cried her tears. Be the most of who you can be. Remember someone is watching and comparing themselves to be you. Stay mindful of your actions your talk and your walk so that you can inspire her to want more.

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