The power of affirmations

“I love myself,” is something we should all say to ourselves daily but so many of us don’t. There is power in reciting affirmations and also a freedom that allows us to become our best selves.

I have always been a strong believer in affirmations but hadn’t been consistent until recently. I realized that saying them has strengthened me in many areas and now say them daily. Affirmations give us the power to push past our fears into a place of courage and love. They release the awesomeness that lives inside each one of us and also replaces our negative thoughts with positive ones.

Someone recently said to me, “Say it until you see it,” and I believe this is true. The repetition of an affirmation leads to belief, and when belief becomes conviction, things happen.

Start saying a few affirmations in one area you need help with and things will change–guaranteed!


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