Things we’re obsessed with in 2017

Every year brings its own excitement and high points. Of course, we all have personal obsessions, and guilty pleasures, but there are also topics that we are excited about as a society. Here are a few things A Random’s Life is obsessed with in 2017.

Beyonce’s twins

Queen Bey does it again. She keeps us on our toes every single year and 2017 is no different. A few weeks ago, she shocked the world by revealing she was pregnant with twins with beautiful maternity photos. Again, the internet went crazy. Last year, it was the epic Lemonade album, this year twins, next year, it will be…


As a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s safe to say the current fitness trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. More and more people are getting involved, opening their own gyms or joining gym franchises in order to help people identify their peak fitness levels. Some people think being fit is just about losing weight, but it’s much more than that. It takes real discipline to push yourself to do things you don’t want to do even when you know they’ll benefit you in the long run. It’s about accomplishing the impossible to be the best you. One of the best things about fitness is that you can improve your own fitness in whatever way that you want. Fitness is not just about destroying it in the gym or running 20K every day; you can stay active however you want. For example, you might find that taking up something like tennis lessons is your preferred method of staying fit. What’s more is physical fitness not only reduces the risk of certain diseases, it improves our mental health and mood. There’s no downside to being fit.

Going vegan

The no meat revolution is catching on. There are social media hashtags for #nomeatmonday and countless super fit vegan enthusiasts to follow. Netflix even has several meat-discouraging documentaries to curb your palate. As a person who has tried a vegan diet a few times this past year, the biggest thing I have learned is if you remove something from your diet that provides nutrients, you must replace it. Also, to do as much research as possible to ensure you’re on the right track because there are tremendous benefits to cutting out meat. Check out this video on raw vegan Annette Larkins who’s been meatless for decades, grows her own fruits, vegetables and herbs, and says it’s her fountain of youth.

Paying off debt

We gotta do better and break the cycle. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is for the birds and we cannot go into 2018 in the same financial state as we did 2017. Get a financial advisor, download a budgeting app, get an accountability partner or do whatever you must to pay off debt and free up your money. I know it’s harder than it sounds but like anything we work hard for, IT’S WORTH IT!

DIY projects

Whether it’s repurposing old chairs or making homemade soaps, DIY projects are on the rise in 2017 and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Just like anything you create, successfully DIYing comes with a sense of accomplishment. It’s also fun to do with family or friends. If you’re looking to start a project, check out ARL’s DIY Board on Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration.

Being better

I don’t believe that there is one person on earth that is comfortable with complacency. Making big changes can sometimes be difficult and can keep us from trying. The good thing, however, about change is that small changes still make a difference. A small step forward is still a step so don’t let discouragement keep you in the same place. Make small changes. Workout for 10 mins, read one book a quarter, save $20 a month or whatever you can. Progress is progress.

What are you obsessed with in 2017?

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