Three benefits of shopping locally

Three benefits of shopping locally

We all know it’s easier to run to the big stores to pick up produce and groceries. I mean, everything you need is available in one location. The problem, however, is that when money is spent at big, faceless stores money is not being spent in your local economy. You miss out and so does your community. Shopping locally has many benefits–let’s take a look at three.

Your wellbeing
Shopping locally can be good for one’s own wellbeing. Firstly, it forces you to get out into your neighborhood. Opting to walk or bike, instead of driving, is easy exercise and allows you to experience your community. People are also friendlier when they regularly see familiar faces.

What’s more, is nothing beats homegrown produce at a Farmer’s Market. Most often, the produce tends to be chemical-free and fresh! Choosing locally grown food and is a great option.

Your environment
Statistics show that 71.4% of shoppers consider the environmental impact of their food choices when shopping. Keeping it local drastically reduces your carbon footprint as well as the carbon footprint of each item you purchase.

Imagine the logistics of big stores. They often have to take produce from the farm to a processing center where harmful gases are pumped into the air. After being sorted and making the cut, the produce then makes a journey to stores throughout the country. For local farmers, it’s just a short trip from the farm to the shop/market. Think of all the CO2 emissions not entering the atmosphere. Protecting the environment is another benefit of shopping in your own backyard.

Your local economy
The money that you spend locally tends to stay in your community. One study in Chicago found that 48% of money spent locally recirculates compared to just 14% of the money spent at franchise stores. The more money spent in your local economy, the more your community prospers. It’s cyclical and creates jobs, which is beneficial to everyone, and also increases incoming tax dollars. You can help make your community a better place simply by shopping local.

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