Tierra Banks shows why healing together is so necessary

As the founder of Mended Inc, Tierra Banks is strengthening relationships between mothers and daughters, and is on a mission to help others heal. During the organization’s most recent monthly session entitled, “I Am My Daughter’s Keeper,” mommies and their princesses of all ages gathered together to discuss maternal issues and how to break the cycle of unhealthy relationships.

Women gathered together to discuss the healing process for daughters and the restoration process for moms.

This month, Tierra focused on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it relates to everyday life. “It’s sad to see a woman who has all of her physical needs met but is malnourished emotionally and spiritually,” she said. “That’s why Maslow’s theory is so important.” The theory in psychology comprises five tiers of human needs (shown in the accompanying model). The model suggests that people are motivated to achieve specific needs and some come before others starting with our basic needs.

Just as Tierra began digging into Maslow’s theory, the powerful session was divinely interrupted when a young lady and her newborn walked in. The young lady shared how she was struggling with physical abuse, the loss of her older children, and neglect from her mother. Every woman in the room came to her side and prayed with her. It was an emotional experience and was truly beautiful. “So many women struggle with not having love from their mothers and it has dramatically impacted their lives as well as their children’s’ lives. That’s why sessions like these are necessary,” said Tierra.

Licensed Clinical Counselor Tish Granville teaching Clench and Release method
Licensed Clinical Counselor Tish Granville demonstrating the Clench & Release exercise.

Tierra also brought in Licensed Clinical Counselor Tish Granville to discuss some of the issues she sees facing mothers and daughters today. Tish talked about how in many cases, trauma and relationship attachment are typically the underlying cause of anxiety and depression. To help attendees release past hurts/wounds, she conducted a Clench & Release exercise and left the ladies with a prayer of gratitude.

In closing, Tierra explained why she is determined to help others heal and touched on the strained relationship she has with her mother, however, she is hopeful that it will be restored one day.

Next month’s session is about mothers who can’t love. Find out more here.


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