Time turns into Lemonade

We all have a past, let’s be real, and that past has defined who a lot of us are today. As we go through life on our journey, we tend to carry the dead weight of our obstacles instead of allowing those things to sow seeds for growth and renewal. It’s so easy to look at where someone else has been and unequivocally compare our lives, movement, and placement to theirs. However, what we fail to realize is that we all are on different time clocks.

Essentially when we are in our 30s the desires of our heart start to become little tasks we want to check off at particular times, but the reality is that time is not ours. It never has belonged to us. We weren’t even afforded the opportunity to choose our zodiac sign because if we were, some of us would choose whatever signs resonate closely with flirty, driven go-getting vixens.

Acceptance of time drives us to embrace our experiences, living in the moment, and honing our individuality. One of the first things that happens when we compare ourselves to where someone else is:

  1. That we start to live outside of ourselves. Our time may not be relationship ready yet, but we want what our best friend has so bad that we begin to become obsessed with being in a relationship and catching up that we settle.

Something else also happens …

  1. We become unintentionally bitter. We feel so defeated with life that we deprive the message being sent. We are relentless and impatient, and begin to lose faith in what was divinely designed for each of us. The problem with that is you can’t expect to receive something you don’t believe you will.

Recently, Beyoncé released an album titled, “Lemonade.” The captivating and endearing messages from each song told a story that directly relates to time. Regardless of the moment that you are in, embrace its contribution. Own whatever you are challenged with and find the light outside of yourselves because when life gives you lemons make lemonade. If you are patient enough, you will have the opportunity to add whatever else to the concoction that makes you happy. So stay encouraged, darlings, because persistence and faith will result in endless rewards.

Love Liv

About the blogger:
Liv Arnold, a Cleveland native, is driven by empowerment, walking in purpose, and pursuing emerging and creative opportunities. She has an MBA in marketing and uses her abilities to help small businesses and individuals to enhance their brand and marketing potential. Liv has always loved to write and has recently found a thriving desire to step into engaging with her audience purposely through empowerment blogging, social media curation, and volunteering. She believes in defining the path that is ahead of her and making rightful decisions so that she can immensely influence those unable to steer clear of conflict. She rises to be a bridge, an anchor of knowledge and encouragement for all of those she comes in contact with. Her blog Single Life Future Wife was created to encourage women to be individuals but seek to be better representations of themselves in all aspects rather they want to be married or single, to prepare for their future selves. 


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2 Responses

  1. Great article and so inspiring. I believe many of us waste time reflecting on the past instead of embracing the future. We are given the opportunity to live our best lives and be our best selves everyday, yet so many of us live in the past. I choose to live forward and leave the past behind. All praises to Yahua.

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