Turn lemons into lemonade…really?

Lemons and Lemon juice

I don’t always know how to turn lemons into lemonade when facing hard times. I know that this expression is about resiliency and getting through those hard times but you can’t make lemonade without sugar, right?

To say that this past week was a disaster would be an understatement. I mean nothing went as planned…NOTHING! On top of that, my sleep has been terrible and as tired as I am all day when it’s time to go to sleep, my brain thinks it’s turn up time. WHY!

Man isn’t it funny how life hits when you least expect it? It’s nerve-racking, and in my case called for tears. Yes, I cried out of the frustration I felt from things not going my way and sleep deprivation. As I said, this week was a disaster.

Amid all the things that went wrong, I realized something. I hadn’t prayed, read, or journaled all week which means I’ve been out of balance. I had been letting my surroundings dictate my disposition instead of setting the tone myself…not thinking clearly at all! Thankfully I was able to catch myself before I completely went off the deep end. And I’m reminded that my morning routine is important to my wellness.

Prayer, reading, and journaling provide the sugar I need to make lemonade. I just have to be wise enough to remember that.

Where does the sugar for your lemonade come from?

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