The unglamorous part of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Isn't Always Glamorous

On a recent episode of Myleik Teele’s MyTaughtYou podcast, a guest told why she prefers corporate America to entrepreneurship. Her reasoning was she enjoyed having job security, only working eight hour days, and being able to take uninterrupted vacations. I can definitely understand why she feels this way but this got me to thinking. Why is entrepreneurship the glamorous employment option?

Through networking, I’ve crossed paths with many women who chose to journey down the entrepreneurship path either part-time, like Zoe of GoneGirlGo, or full-time, like TerDawn of the Creative Entrepreneur Academy. These women are brave, optimistic, tenacious, and hope to never experience the big F…FAILURE.

Entrepreneurship is truly an “if you don’t work you don’t eat” way of making a living. It’s tough and to achieve success, you really have to believe in what you’re doing. On the outside, entrepreneurship is glorified and each day brings its own challenges. Not to mention, having to foot the entire bill for things you once took for granted, such as health insurance.

I, personally, have always known entrepreneurship was in my future. I’ve accepted jobs that I considered “my dream job” and then realized they were just a stop on my way to more. I didn’t hate my career and at times loved it, but always had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew something more was out there for me so I decided to trust my gut. This means that I work well over eight hours a day, sometimes earn less than expected, have to deal with late invoices, and must to be disciplined enough to get stuff done (and avoid cabin fever) while working from home. It’s not always glamorous.

But I’m happy with the path I chose. It allows me to be present for my family and to enjoy life on my terms. It’s not for everyone and truthfully, happiness can be achieved working for others as well. Do whatever works for you.

For those who know their purpose in life is leading them into unknown waters, you are in for an amazingly bumpy ride. I hope you brought your life jacket!


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  1. Nic, this is a great article and thought provoker for many who believe that being “The Boss” is soooo glamorous. I honor and esteem you for your courage to build a business, and for sharing great thoughts and encouragement!

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