United Women In White was phenomenal! Here’s a recap

During the relationship panel of United Women In White, Tanesha Moss and Sherrell Duncan spoke about their engagements and marriages.

Before marrying her husband, Tanesha Moss’ previous fiance ended their extremely public relationship and she faced much scrutiny. The breakup, however, allowed her to meet and marry the man of her dreams.

The beautiful bride from the hashtag ForeverDuncan also spoke on her engagement and wedding which all took place on the same day. Sherrell Duncan discussed how he met her husband in 2007, reconnected with him in 2013, and married him in 2016. She explained that she had a lot of learning and growing to do before she was ready to be a wife. “We run from the people who are honest with us,” she explained. “Every time my then-boyfriend was honest with me I ran, but I had to realize that love is honest.”

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