What do you know about Avocado Seeds/Pits?

What do you know about Avocado Pits?

Everyone loves guacamole and avocado toast but this fruit offers so much more. When slicing up avocados, people normally throw away the pits only focusing on the flesh but the pits definitely have a purpose. This includes using it as a foot roller or warming them for a hot stone massage. You can try to grow an indoor avocado tree or grind up the pit and use it in a face or body scrub. Avocado pits can treat skin issues, ease toothache or stomachache, strengthen your immune system and a host of other things. Oh, and if you ever need to save your guacamole for later, just place the pit in the dip and refrigerate to keep the brown away. So don’t be so quick to toss those avocado pits. They are super useful!



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