What do you know about hazelnut oil?

Hazelnut Oil: What Do You Know About It?

Yeah, I didn’t know much either until I saw it in a hot oil treatment recipe and was intrigued. What I didn’t know is hazelnut oil is a natural treatment for health and body care, as well as so much more. This flavorful oil is a staple in most Mediterranean diets and I’m just learning about it. Where’s have I been? Never-the-less, here’s a starting point for hazelnut oil.

For Skin: As a facial moisturizer, hazelnut oil helps absorb access oil. Acting as a mild astringent, this oil helps shrink pores and reduces the amount of sebum your skin produces. For oily skin, like mine, this is a plus!

As a body moisturizer, hazelnut oil hydrates skin without leaving it greasy so it can be used daily making it ideal for those who suffer from dry skin. It’s also good for fading scars and stretch marks.

For Hair: Hazelnut oil seals in moisture. I first saw it as a hot oil treatment mixed with mahabhringraj oil to treat split ends and damaged hair. Another hot oil treatment is hazelnut oil and olive oil, which I will be trying soon!

For Health: It’s vitamin and nutrient-rich, promotes good cholesterol, and is good for the digestive system.

These are just a few of the many benefits hazelnut oil has. Try it and let me know what you think!


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