What’s In Season for February 2021

What's in Season February 2021

Everything’s better when you buy, eat, and enjoy what’s in season. Here’s the in-season flowers, fruits, and vegetables you should be buying this month, plus my February 2021 essential oil pick. 

Calla Lily – This small, elegant lily comes in burgundy, deep purple, orange, and white.
Delphinium – Found in blue, pink, and white, these long-stemmed flowers have beautifully dense and clustered blooms.
Iris – A high-demand flower during this season, the Iris comes in various colors and combinations. It’s elegant and unique.
Primrose – Primrose flowers can get pretty tall and are most beautiful in a color combo. Find them in cherry red, lavender, orange, pink, and white.
Rose Geranium – A soft-textured, fragrant flower, Rose Geranium provides a Mediterranean feel with pale pink and white petals.
Water Lily – If you’re looking for a vibrant array of flowers, the Water Lily gives a tropical feel. The feel-good flower comes in pink, violet, white, and yellow.

Remember, Avocados are fruit, even though we typically enjoy them as a vegetable. Avocados are incredibly nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins B5, B6, C, E, K, Folate, and Potassium, among several others. Avocados are also a high-fat food, containing monounsaturated fatty acids. They are an excellent addition to any salad, toast, or dinner recipe.

Other nutrient-rich fruits include bananas, blood oranges, clementines, coconuts, grapefruits, guavas, kiwis, lemons, mandarins, oranges, papayas, passionfruit, and pomegranates.

Did you know that artichokes are buds before their flower blooms? Well, it’s true! Many of us have only enjoyed artichokes in a spinach dip, but there are several reasons to regularly enjoy this superfood. Artichokes contain a high level of antioxidants and are rich in fiber, folate, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin C. Try them sautéed with garlic and grape seed oil.

Also, enjoy broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflowers, fennels, leeks, lettuce, spinach, and turnips this month.

My February 2021 Essential Oil
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has a sensual aroma that you can find in many beauty products. Ylang Ylang, or flower of flowers, has a sweet, floral scent that is the perfect addition to any perfume or body butter.

What’s more, is this essential oil increases memory and provides a sense of calmness. Ylang Ylang is also known to promote relaxation, kill bacteria, and lower blood pressure, to name a few.

What are your favorite flowers, fruits, vegetables, and essential oils this month?

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